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Here you can find information about quality, fasteners and industry-specific products specific to your area of application.

When you buy fasteners and C-Parts from Würth Industri Sverige, you will receive products that have undergone strict quality control. Our own requirements for our suppliers and products are higher than DIN, EN and ISO prescribe.

At Würth Industry, we have a high knowledge of our suppliers.

All our regular suppliers and production sites receive both notified and unannounced audits, which check that the production meets the requirements we set. It turns into more than 800 annual audits performed by the Würth Group's own Supplier Quality Engineers (SQE). At Würth Industriy, we work closely with the SQE organization, which is responsible for our supplier quality, just as our employees participate in audits. For our customers, this means that they get a supplier of C-Parts and fasteners with in-depth knowledge of production methods and options, always with the right quality as a starting point.

Content of our Technology Portal

CAD - the Würth CAD library
CAD - the Würth CAD library
In Partnership with KIM CADClick®

All CAD data for the Würth product range is now available online to all of our customers. The CAD database was created in partnership with KIM CADClick®.

More about CAD - the Würth CAD library.

Innovations & Industry 4.0
Innovations & Industry 4.0
Innovative ideas - with certainty

Innovation is a big part of Würth Industryi and our approach to the market. When we develop products that have not been seen before - which we often do - it is with innovation as the cornerstone.

More about Innovations & Industry 4.0.

Quality & process management
Quality & process management
Quality - with Certainty

At Würth Industri Sverige, quality management is part of an integrated process management that includes all corporate processes.Of course, the process-oriented application of ISO 9001 is at the forefront of this.

More about quality & process management.



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