Holistic supplier integration – CPS®miLOGISTICS

Proved systems. Individualised product range.

The variety of needs in the areas of production, logistics and material management has no limits. Needs range from classical connection and fastening technology such as DIN and standard parts to process and operating materials like personal protective equipment and chemical-technical products to special parts based on drawings to manufacturer-related parts like hydraulic fittings, pneumatic components, electrical components and so on.

The challenge here is to reduce the purchasing effort which includes a large number of orders, incoming and outgoing goods, invoice handling and master data management. The answer to this is: CPS®miLOGISTICS. The broad and deep industrial product range of more than 1,400,000 items from Würth Industrie Service serves as the foundation. In addition to the holistic supply of standard and special parts through the Kanban system, we also handle the management of your non-Würth parts and product groups. With a variety of different services under the CPS®miLOGISTICS brand, we offer you the opportunity to provide these products together with our logistics and supply solutions.

Automate and digitise your supply chain with CPS®miLOGISTICS!
You decide the type and scape of products. We offer you the right framework.

  • Integration of additional products into existing processes
  • Maximum security of supply and reliable delivery deadlines
  • Stock reduction and space savings in your own warehouse
  • Reduced capital commitment
  • Fewer suppliers to manage
  • Avoidance of production downtimes
  • Free capacity across the entire supply chain
  • Integration of additional products into existing processes
  • Automated merchandise planning and stock management
  • Reduced capital commitment and warehouse requirements
  • Comprehensive logistics service
  • Fewer suppliers and consistent invoicing
  • Avoidance of production downtimes
  • Free capacity across the entire supply chain
  • Integration of non-Würth products and product groups
  • Utilisation of innovative Würth system technology such as CPS®RFID for additional suppliers and products
  • Maximum stock reduction and space utilization
  • Maximum security of supply through simple, automated demand assessment and subsequent merchandise planning
  • No change to purchasing conditions
  • Holistic data management
  • A variety of options for integration into your own process landscape


Variety of different services of CPS®miSELF

miSELF Basic

Independent reordering through digital provision of bin information.

miSELF Advanced

Independent master data management and statistics through the use of a platform solution provided by Würth Industrie Service.

miSELF Excellence

Supplemented by an interface connection and automated reordering.

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