History of Würth Industri Sverige

Always one step further

Never forgetting where we came from

Würth Industri Sverige AB was founded in 1986 under the name of Nordiska Bult AB. In December 2006, Nordiska Bult AB became part of the Würth Group, and in August 2010 the name of the company was officially changed to Würth Industri Nordiska AB. In 2013, the company was merged with Arvid Nilsson Industry Sweden and the company name changed into Würth Industri Sverige. The company retained the great experience from Arvid Nilsson, but the name change marks our transformation from supplier to partner for the Industry in Sweden. In 2023 the local warehouse of Würth Industri Sverige is located in Hisings Backa and the office in Askim close to Gothenburg.

Würth Industri Sverige is a wholesale company operating in the fasteners sector, with a range of products comprising approximately 12,000 standard and customized special items at its warehouse in Sweden.

Keeping up with the times: robotics in our logistics

One of the most modern logistics centre for industrial supplies in Europe – that of the Würth Industry in Bad Mergentheim, Germany – constitutes the hub of most of our warehouse activities. Every month, the incoming goods department receives an average of 8,000 tons of goods. An average of about 500,000 items leave the goods issue area. The 143-hectare premises of Würth Industry European main logistic center offer enormous growth opportunities. Today, the Würth Industrial Park has a logistics area of approximately 65,000 square meters with a storage capacity of approximately 650,000 storage locations. Apart from multifunctional workstations, several robots have already been integrated into logistics operations. By taking over strenuous physical tasks and thanks to their permanent operation, these robots improve both ergonomics as well as productivity.

Use of robotics in logistics
Custom-tailored C-Parts Solutions

We are unique: Custom-tailored C-Parts Solutions

One system. For all suppliers. Tailored to individual needs. The variety of individual needs in production, logistics and materials management is endless. With our brand “CPS® C-Parts Solutions”, Würth Industri Sverige offers made-to-measure logistics supply and service concepts such as storage shelving systems with scanners, automated electronic ordering systems or just-in-time supplies in Kanban bin systems to its customers in the manufacturing industry. This system network starts directly at the place of demand and consumption. The goals are geared clearly towards lowering sourcing costs, optimising processes, reducing costs and maximising time savings while at the same time maximising supply security and minimising capital commitment.

We are innovative: Innovations non-stop

To keep up with digital change and remain successful, companies need to be very agile. Global competition, increasing customer requirements and ever-shorter innovation cycles necessitate change. For companies, the world of Industry 4.0 offers great potential to optimise logistics processes in the supply of C-Parts. Our focus is on continuous innovation that is driven by the customer’s needs, such as in the areas of Kanban supplies, bin logistics, industrial vending or innovative workplace solutions. Solutions like the demand management module iPLACER® or the industrial vending system ORSY®mat mark the beginning of this change process.

Innovations non-stop
Our industry know-how

We are there where you need us: Our industry know-how

Whether in plant and mechanical engineering, wind turbines on the coast of Germany, mines in Australia or on the rails of Europe, our products and services are equally represented everywhere. Together. Responsibly. Innovative. Customers are supported by qualified employees in competence teams that specialise in the respective industry and current market trends. Würth Industri Sverige is regarded as an innovative and competent partner for C-Parts Solutions – for all production plants worldwide directly on site. Our Key Account Management is familiar with the industry and the needs of the market, while the backoffice with the intended use of the products. Comprehensive support at the highest level is guaranteed.


How can you contact Würth Industri Sverige AB?

If you are interested in learning more about Würth Industri Sverige AB and our C-parts management services, you can contact us directly via email (order@wuerthindustri.se) or phone (+46 10 121 99 00). We will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a customized offer.

Würth Industri Sverige AB is your trusted partner for C-parts management. Contact us today and see how we can help you optimize your C-parts procurement and supply processes.