Global sourcing
Procurement gone global

At Würth Industri Sverige, we believe in deeply rooted, long-term partnership with our suppliers.

Procurement gone global

At Würth Industri Sverige, we believe in deeply rooted, long-term partnership with our suppliers.

Excellent supplier management – The driving force of purchasing.

Purchasing is organised centrally at Würth Industrie Service in Bad Mergentheim and is responsible for procuring C-Parts for all European companies. Procurement for the entire product spectrum is carried out from Bad Mergentheim and all inquiries for new projects are processed in direct contact with our sales department. The resulting bundling effects as well as the frequent high volume of enquiries make us a preferred customer for manufacturers from all over the world and this in turn will guarantee good terms for you. Our multiple supplier strategy in the global procurement markets will offer you additional security.

Looking for suppliers and partners

Our global network of suppliers contributes much to value, quality and innovativeness. The collaboration with our suppliers is characterised by common understanding of product and production quality, reliability of supply by assuring delivery in the right quantity at the right time, competitive price-performance ratios and innovativeness as well as by consistent integration of our requirement for sustainability. It is important for us to have a close and long-term business relationships with selected, strong partners.

Ensuring responsible delivery chain

Due diligence to the highest degree

Together with our business partners, we assume the responsibility e.g. for fair and social working conditions and for the environment by obliging to comply with applicable laws and regulations and Code of Conduct. This applies to the customers, suppliers and business partners as well as to the management and employees in the company.

Origin of goods

Ensuring complete and transparent delivery chain.

With respect to handling batch-related origin of goods, Würth Industrie Service helps to trace the incoming goods and the respective supplier at any given point of time. The company operates efficiently towards the end customer in every respect.


C-Parts without limits: More than 1,400,000 products

A specialized product range of more than 1,400,000 products forms the basis for the professional and industrial C-Parts processing. We work together with our suppliers in close partnership in order to be able to serve individual customer requirements. The procurement of Würth Industri Sverige is responsible for global purchase of different product groups for maximum reliability of process and supply for all customers as well as maximum certainty of system and product quality. Thus, the promise “C-Parts. With certainty.” is validated.

Main focus of procurement at a glance

  • External and internal hexagon bolts 8.8
  • High-strength external and internal hexagon bolts
  • Nuts, washers, lock washers
  • Small steel screws, DIN 603
  • Screws for thermoplastics
  • Keys
  • Rope and lifting equipment
  • Pins, rivets, springs, threaded rods, press-bent parts
  • Stainless steel
  • Turned and milled parts
  • Small electrical parts
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Chemical-technical items and protective equipment
  • Tools and workshop equipment
  • Catalogue parts and standard parts

Select your form for electronic data exchange!

Use our query form for electronic procurement!

For transferring EDI messages, we use HTTP(S), FTP, AS2 and OFTP. GXS and X400 VANs are also available on request. You will receive orders (ORDERS) and order changes (ORDCHG) electronically from us and will be able to send us your order confirmations (ORDRSP), notify us that you have received the goods, speed up our goods receipt (DESADV) and receive credit notes from us (INVOIC).

Ideal for:

  • High document volumes
  • Of prime importance for highly integrated processes

For transferring web-based EDI messages, we use an Internet interface that every supplier can access via a browser, using personal access data.

You receive our order details conveniently via the Internet and receive e-mail notification when new orders have come in. You can notify us that you have issued the goods and accelerate our goods receipt over the Internet with the click of a button.

Ideal for:

  • Low document volumes
  • Of prime importance for SMEs without converters

Further information

Data exchange via EDI
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