Suspension system CLIP-O-FLEX®. Everything within easy reach in the workplace.
In order and readily available

More space, orderliness and ergonomics in the workplace.

In order and readily available

More space, orderliness and ergonomics in the workplace.


Due to increasing product individualisation and the resulting diversity of the components as well as individual parts, it is becoming increasingly challenging for the industrial companies to create ergonomic and productive work environments. Different tools and work materials have to be always readily available. At the same time, space is increasingly becoming a valuable asset that must be used in an optimal and streamlined manner.

Versatile applications of the suspension system CLIP-O-FLEX® create flexibility

One system – versatile application possibilities

Our attachment system CLIP-O-FLEX® consists of an ingenious rail and attachment profiles combined with trays, bins, storage shelves and a wide range of holders for the workplace equipment. The workplace is individually developed with these components and the space is optimally utilised.

An attachment system customised just for you

The CLIP-O-FLEX® system can be customised to your environment and as per the requirements. Our product range consists of numerous solutions for structured work environments in different areas.

Individual workplace design with CLIP-O-FLEX®
Suspension system for workshop wagons

CLIP-O-FLEX® – wherever you are

CLIP-O-FLEX® is used not only at workplace and on workbenches, but also directly on the machine, tool case, workshop wagon or also on the tool cabinet – there are no limits to the flexibility.

For the increase of your productivity

The structured, orderly storage of work utensils reduces walking distances and setup time and leads to a sustainable increase in productivity.

Increased productivity through optimized workstations
Ergonomic workplaces with different angle settings

Ergonomic workplaces till the last angle

Owing to the flexible mounting options, the workplace enhancements and all the accessory items can be easily and quickly customised to the user at any time with the CLIP-O-FLEX® suspension system.

Advantages of the attachment system at a glance

  • Quick access
  • Greater visibility
  • Rapid changeover
  • Flexible and ergonomic workplace design
  • Reduced routes
  • Optimum use of work areas
  • Horizontal and vertical flexibility


CLIP-O-FLEX® products

CLIP-O-FLEX® mounting rails

For the installation on flat surfaces such as walls, machines, workbenches or tool cases. Whether with or without fastening hole or as hybrid profile. Your imagination defines the limit.

Mounting rail
With fastening hole

Incl. covers on the left and right side

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Mounting rail
Without fastening hole

Without fastening hole, covers and fastening material.

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Hybrid profile

Unique combination of 40 x 40 aluminium profile with an 10 mm slot as well as a CLIP-O-FLEX® rail.

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CLIP-O-FLEX® solutions

Our goal is to store each individual piece of equipment in your workplace optimally and individually according to your requirements. Our CLIP-O-FLEX® portfolio consists of numerous holders and is continuously expanded. Together we will configure a workplace, which will support you in all the activities in a best possible way and will contribute to a productive and healthy work environment. You will find additional information on CLIP-O-FLEX® products in our flipbook.

CLIP-O-FLEX® attachment profiles

For fixing workplace extensions and the accessories to the suspension rails. Different tilt angles contribute to the ergonomics of the workplace.